ANTINSKY's New Product Release: Industry's First Crystal Two Color Resin and Heavy Metal Resin Appea

2024-02-04 17:41


On February 4, 2024, the well-known 3D printing material supplier ANTINSKY officially released two innovative resin materials - the industry's first crystal two-color resin and heavy metal resin, injecting new vitality into the 3D printing field.

Crystal dual color resin, with its unique dual color effect and crystal like transparency, brings unprecedented visual impact to 3D printed works. This resin not only has excellent printing performance, but also naturally presents a interweaving effect of two colors during the printing process, providing designers and artists with more creative possibilities. Whether it's creating exquisite jewelry, models, or for artistic creation, crystal two-color resin can add a unique touch of color to the work.

水晶双色 1

And heavy metal resins stand out with their unique metallic texture and weight. This resin printed product not only looks like real metal, but also feels close to the weight of real metal, giving the printed product a higher texture and realism. The launch of heavy metal resins undoubtedly provides more choices for users who pursue high-quality printing effects.


ANTINSKY has been committed to developing innovative 3D printing materials to meet the ever-changing market demands and user expectations. The release of these two new products not only demonstrates the company's strong strength in material research and development, but also brings new development opportunities to the 3D printing industry.

"We are very pleased to launch these two innovative resin materials," said the CEO of ANTINSKY. "We always pay attention to market trends and user needs, and are committed to providing users with more diverse and high-quality 3D printing materials. We believe that the launch of these two new products will bring more creative inspiration and possibilities to designers, artists, and 3D printing enthusiasts."


With the continuous development of 3D printing technology, ANTINSKY will continue to uphold the spirit of innovation, provide users with more high-quality and diverse 3D printing materials, and promote the continuous progress and development of the entire industry.

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