3DMAKERPRO Visits Our Company for Technical Guidance

2024-06-05 15:59

3DMAKERPRO visited our company today for an indepth technical guidance exchange.

During this exchange, the brand not only shared the latest developments in the field of scanning technology but also specifically introduced two new products that have attracted attention --the Dental Scanner and the Pocket Portable Scanner Seal.

The Dental Scanner is a high-precision scanning device specially designed for the dental medical industry. It can quickly and accurately capture three-dimensional data within the oral cavity, providing an accurate digital foundation for dental restoration, correction, and other treatments. The launch of this scanner marks JIMU Easy Assemble's further expansion in the medical and health field and demonstrates its profound accumulation in high-precision scanning technology.

The other product, the Pocket Portable Scanner Seal, attracted high attention from the participants with its compact and portable, easy-to-operate features. The original intention of Seal's design is to make 3D scanning technology more popular. Whether in education, artistic creation, or industrial design, users can easily carry Seal and collect and process three-dimensional data anytime, anywhere.

At the end of the technical guidance, representatives from JIMUYIDA also had an indepth exchange and discussion with our technical staff, exploring the possibilities of cooperation in the field of scanning technology in the future. We believe that through close cooperation with JIMU Easy Assemble, we can provide users with more diversified and high-quality products and services.

The visit of the JIMUYIDA not only strengthened the cooperative relationship between the two parties but also brought valuable industry experience and technical knowledge to our company.


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