Antinsky Showcases Innovative 3D Printing Technology at TCT Show in the UK

2024-06-09 22:12

At the TCT Show held in the UK from June 5th to 6th, 2024, Antinsky captivated global audiences with its cutting-edge 3D printing and scanning technology.

The company showcased its newly developed desktop 3D printers, a variety of specialized resin materials, and innovative matrix scanners.


Highlights of the Exhibition:

  1. Desktop 3D Printers — This new model of 3D printer has been praised by exhibitors for its compact size, ease of use, and efficient printing capabilities, catering to a range of needs from education to professional design.

  2. Resin Materials — The exhibition featured a variety of materials including standard resin, engineering resin, dental resin, and craft resin, showcasing Antinsky's deep expertise in material science and meeting the specific needs of various industries for printing materials.

  3. 3D Scanners — The 3D scanners on display offered high precision and rapid scanning speeds, providing a powerful tool for 3D modeling and design.

  4. Matrix Scanner — As one of the highlights of the exhibition, Antinsky's matrix scanner set a new industry standard for high-precision 3D scanning with its innovative technology.


Statement from Antinsky's Spokesperson:"We are honored to showcase our innovative achievements at the TCT Show. These new products not only reflect Antinsky's relentless pursuit of technological innovation but also represent our commitment to enhancing user experience. We look forward to these technologies driving the development of the 3D printing and scanning industry."

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