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Castable Jewellery Smart Resin 1kg

Jewelry castable smart resin is a cost-effective casting material, particularly suitable for the jewelry industry. With a wax content of up to 75%, it meets the precision and texture requirements of jewelry casting, while offering excellent value for money. It is the ideal choice for jewelry casting applications.
$ 59.90
颜色 Black
Physical propertyViscositycps@25℃)70~180
Tensile StrengthMPa20.88±10%
Tensile modulusMPa152.82±10%
Bending strengthMPa13.75±10%
Flexural modulusMPa333.68±10%
Notched impact strengthJ/m117.72±10%
Shore hardnessD58~68
Normal   LayersExposure TimeS)5.5-6.5
Lifting Distancemm)6
Lifting Speed(m/min)60
Bottom LayersExposure TimeS)25-30
Lifting Distancemm)6
Lifting Speed(m/min)60
Test by printer
Saturn 3 Ultra

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